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About the Film

        Alex has recently returned to New York City after spending 10 years in Europe as the unrecognized muse to a famous filmmaker. Overeducated, underemployed, and branded as unstable, she struggles to reboot her life in Brooklyn.

      When Alex is kicked out of her apartment and fired from her low-paid job, she turns to family and friends only to be rejected. Determined to help her ailing father while still pursuing a creative career, Alex picks up shady part-time work and tangles with many colorful characters. Eventually she meets Frank, an enigmatic film producer, and they fall in love. But Frank’s even more checkered past catches up with the couple.

     WALLABOUT is an intimate account of an outsider who survives by her wits and determination as she encounters an often corrupt and hypocritical society. It’s an urban meditation on artistic perseverance and the eternal search for family.  
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